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Soapbox Derby

it's all downhill!!


Welcome to the Sixth Annual Woodside Soapbox Derby! 

What: The Woodside Soapbox Derby is a fantastic local event where we race gravity-powered cars down a sloped track. The cars are made by dads & moms along with their kids. You can use a car from previous years, get a retrofit kit for your 2017 car, or sign up for our new 2018 complete car kit. 

When: Race day is Sunday May 6th, 2018. 
Practice at 10AM.  Race begins 11:00 AM.  BBQ at 12:00PM.

Who: Children ages 6-12 on day of the race. 

And for what: Prizes will be awarded in four main categories:

  • Best decorated car
  • Most original car
  • Most complex car
  • Fastest time down the track

This race is: non-commercial, non-profit, and is designed for fun. It is sponsored by the Woodside Recreation Committee.

Where: The Woodside town center parking lot.  And if you don't know where that is, well, it's behind the Pioneer! And if you still don't know... not sure we can help, but here's a map.



Last year we totally redesigned the car. This year, we've simplified the parts and pre-assembled most of the car's components so all your kids have to do is put together the last few pieces. That's great for the Woodside Moms and Dads, but it's also dandy for anyone wanting to make a similar car.  

To build the car, join us for a weekend of fun! We have two dates for you to choose from:

Saturday, April 21st – 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Sunday, April 22nd – 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Directions to Build Day

OnQ Design Office: 24540 Clawiter Rd, Hayward CA. 

The car assembly is at the OnQ design offices, about 25 minutes from the Woodside & 280 exit.  While it is a bit of a drive, it allows us the work-space needed to stage things in advance and make the assembly process super easy for the racers and parents.  

If you are an enthusiastic parent want to build one yourself – Go Dude, run with it!  Here's the link to everything you need to know:


If you participated last year and still have your car, we have great news! We've made updates to some crucial parts of your car to make it more secure and faster. Some cars from last year had some wheel bearing and front adjustment issues. So bring your car in during one of our build days, and we will provide you with our newest parts for you to retrofit your car. This will include 4 new wheels, a new break system and a new steering apparatus. Your car will be ready for the big race in no time!   

Kylie Johnson Soapbox Derby  Art.jpg

you color it, we build it!

Here is a short cut to an amazing car.  If you can draw it, we can make it! Send your art in by April 30th and we'll bring it to life!

Soap Box Drawing Template_Icons.png

Click on the link below to download and print this PDF as big as you can (11" x 17" is ideal).

Soap Box Drawing Template_Icons2.png

Once your artwork is complete, take a photo of it. Try to set up your art in a naturally lit area, on a flat surface. (iPhone camera is okay.)

Soap Box Drawing Template_Icons3.png

Then, email or text photo to elke@onqsolutions.com / 805.610.5939. We will print & cut your design into 4 full sized rigid panels. They snap right on to the car, and presto...you're done! It's so Woodside!